A nation is known, recognized and distinguished among the world nations by certain characteristic features. The highest and the greatest of these features is culture.


Master classes for children and adults will be held.

 Dear children and adults, block your calendars and join our masterclasses every Tuesday! 

10:00 - make a card (5 AZN)

11:00 - make a souvenir carpet (5 AZN)

12:00 - tapestry weaving (10 AZN)

14:30 - shadda (a flat-woven carpet) weaving (5 AZN)

15:30 - make a felt bag with the image of the fairy tale hero (5 AZN)

16:00 - draw national ornament on leather (3AZN)

16:30 - applique on national clothes with woolen threads (3 AZN)

The museum will provide all the necessary materials for masterclasses.

Dear children, mark your calendars for the upcoming events: 

Wednesday, Fairytale Time:

12:00 - Baghchada Guller (Flowers in the Garden) fairytale 

Thursday Plays:

11:00 - Shangulum, Shungulum, Mangulum play (3 AZN)

12:00 - Tig-Tig Khanim puppet play (3 AZN)

14:30 - Jirtdan folk puppet play (3 AZN)

15:30 - Fairy Tale of Malikmammad play (3AZN)

16:30 - Jirtdan shadow play (3AZN)

On Friday at 17:00, we invite you to join the lecture "History of samovar and benefits of samovar tea" by Professor Tahir Amiraslanov, the President of the Azerbaijan National Culinary Center. 

The museum follows all quarantine rules, sanitary norms, and guidelines, groups of no more than 10 people are allowed. 

Entry to the museum is free of charge for children under 6 and adults over 65. 

Visit our museum and learn more about the rich and renewed permanent exhibition, as well as enjoy new opportunities created especially for you. Hurry up and spend your leisure time in the Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum! Places are limited.

Contact: (012) 497 20 57 / +994558603022


07.10.2020 11:35
The Ministry of Culture has addressed an appeal to international organizations
05.10.2020 11:13
STATEMENT by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan
18.08.2020 17:43
Assistant to President of Azerbaijan meets with a group of prominent culture and art figures